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A Winter's Trail

The months march on and December landed with a bit of a thump. Elections, Brexit, climate crisis, Middle Eastern conflicts and the plight of refugees dominated the headlines, but true to form, Britain got on with celebrating winter time in its own inimitable style.

On a trip to the south of England we encountered the Glastonbury Frost Fayre, where you could stock up on those all-important Christmas presents of dreamcatchers and patchouli candles to the sound of distant drums. While up north, Krampus, the eastern European folk figure, was running amok punishing naughty children. And then there were others who raise money for charity by illuminating their houses with as many lights as possible. This particular 'golden mile' is in Rothwell, near Leeds.

Altogether a most diverse of months. Let's hope the new year brings as much variety with which to lighten our thoughts.

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