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A great way to sample a whole variety of world music from world class musicians is to be offered an AAA press pass. It means you can't actually get to see all the acts as their timings overlap but I was able to see enough to know that it's a terrific festival. Catrin Finch and Seckou Keita gave a stunning performance on Welsh harp and cora, and also an opportunity for some nice visual juxtapositions. The Crazy World of Arthur Brown was indeed a lesson in the surreal, and Andy Kershaw's late-night DJ slot had the room bouncing. A good test in low-light exposures with no flash.

Outside the venue was the Sol Cinema, a unique mobile cinema in a caravan, powered entirely by the sun via a solar generator which stores renewable energy. An audience of up to eight adults are treated to red carpet, usherette service and popcorn for a unique cinematic experience.


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