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The rain in Spain...

After a successful trip to Costa del Folk in sunny Spain's Benalmadena last year, I was delighted to get an email asking for my photographic services for the 2015 festival. Unfortunately the weather hadn't been booked as well. There were a couple of days of outdoor performances but during the chilly, grey days the huge concert hall within the hotel complex was put to good use. With my festival pass declaring I was their 'official photographer' I managed to provide a decent cross-section of the mainly UK acts and mainly UK audience. Compere Mike Harding introduced us to Steeleye Span, The Mighty Doonans, Bob Fox, Martin Simpson, Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman, Blackbeard's Tea Party, O'Hooley and Tidow, The House Devils ... who all gave great performances. The even better news is that I now have the repeat job, which means Portugal in October and Majorca next April. Well... somebody has to do it!

CostaDelFolk2015_275_Steeleye Span.jpg

CostaDelFolk2015_205_Mighty Doonans.jpg

CostaDelFolk2015_322_Pitmen Poets.jpg

CostaDelFolk2015_204_Mighty Doonans.jpg

CostaDelFolk2015_132_Blackbeards Tea Party.jpg





CostaDelFolk2015_033_Steve Tilston+Mike Harding.jpg

CostaDelFolk2015_018_Mike Harding.jpg

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