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Gotham City

The Whitby Goth Weekend comes around with alarming frequency, and the costumes get even more fanciful. This April saw punks, space monsters, pierrots, military steampunks and an eight-foot cyber costume that took half an hour to assemble.

I took to the streets once more to search for some good portraits. So did an army of hobbyist paparazzi carrying backpacks full of equipment. It had been discussed on various web forums how irritating and intrusive the amateur photographer has become at this event, and I saw first-hand how some were trying to manhandle those in costume. Scrums suddenly pounce on a group of goths and make it an unpleasant experience all round. I'm afraid I kept a small mirrorless camera in my pocket and adopted a 'stealth' approach.

But all in all, another great weekend and some fabulous characters to be snapped.

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