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Black and white in colour

In response to a request to photograph Jackie Oates, a professional folk singer of some repute, I agreed to undertake a studio session with her for her forthcoming album. Hiring Studio Blanco in Oxford was a breeze, and the facilities very comprehensive. I was pleased to find that a full range of Elinchrom lighting and soft boxes was available – a brand I'd been used to for many years. While I set up on the infinity cove background, Jackie and her hairdresser mate Megan got the make-up and hair under control while friend Pete was sent out on a jewellery hunt.

Three hours later, after a calmly paced shoot, it was a wrap. The brief to create a modern, clean and simple portrait with a black and white theme was successful. Jackie and her agent were both delighted with the results, and we're all looking forward to the finished album.


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