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Winter Wonderland

Deciding to go in search of the northern lights in December in Iceland was a good idea. What we didn't remember was that there's only four hours of daylight at that time of year. However, we managed to fit in a busy schedule including geysirs, Gullfoss waterfall, rift valley, downtown Reykjavic and its old harbour and some great scenic blizzards. An evening trip to find the northern lights was cancelled due to heavy cloud cover but on a second evening we drove down the coast to a spot with a lighthouse called Stykkishólmur. The wind was gale force and the temperature sub-zero. While settled comfortably in a café, the shout 'Lights' went up and we scrambled out into the elements. Twenty minutes of dancing green light was spectacular, but trying to capture anything with the camera and no tripod was a battle in itself. But here's a few photos... and more at

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