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Tour de Yorkshire

Stage 3 of the 2017 Tour de Yorkshire passed through the Penistone area – the end of our road to be precise.

Over 220 world-class cyclists raced in three stages over three days from the east coast to the dales and south to Sheffield. We walked down to a suitable viewing point – we had to walk as the roads were all closed to traffic. And after a while watching a relay of police motorcycles and whooping sirens, the tête de la course appeared over the brow. A minute or so later the peloton descended on us at terrific speed. It's a blur of coloured riders, and to get anything sensible in camera i'd set my shutter speed at 1/250th of a second. Luckily it was bright enough to do this (the watery sun giving a hazy overall light) and still retain a reasonable f-stop. This meant I got some relatively sharp pictures.