Bryan spent several years during the sixties at art colleges emerging with a couple of design degrees. His first job was in Fleet Street in London where he rose from junior designer to chief illustrated book designer at Macmillan Publishing, then moving to Octopus Books in Mayfair as commissioning art editor.

At the end of the seventies Bryan returned to his native Yorkshire where he worked as a newspaper artist, an advertising agency visualiser and manager of a commercial photographic and video company. After a period of freelance work he formed a design and advertising company, Ledgard Jepson Limited. Expansion during the late 80s and early 90s resulted in an office in New York.

After leaving the company, Bryan continued to operate as a freelance publications designer and photographer. His work has appeared in publications and on websites for Sky Arts, BBC Radio 2, The National Fairground Archive, Enjoy Travel, The English Folk Dance and Song Society, The Geographical Association as well as national journals and newspapers.


Bryan has provided editorial photographs of people, places and events around the world. He is also an obsessive street photographer and his images have been published and some are available here as hard copy and online flip booksAfter a lengthy hiatus, he has recently revived his illustration skills. His work can be seen in a recent publication of poetry, Viral Verses

Married to Mel, he has two daughters, Joanne and Rose, and lives in Yorkshire. He now undertakes only a limited number of commissions.

A small selection of Bryan's design and illustration work undertaken for books, journals, magazines and audiovisual packaging.

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